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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Konami PES 2014 New Features List

Konami PES 2014 New Features List
    ABCNetspace.com Konami is preparing to launch the latest sequel of their popular football game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2104 (PES 2014). This Game will be presented with a number of changes and new features.

As developers, Konami doesn't want to disappoint the fans. From small to large changes made in details, so PES 2014 can runs perfectly. From small things such as new commentators.

There are also technological changes made by Konami, which is capable of showing up a real facial expression, and more real collision between the football players.

What are the new features and changes that may applied to Konami's PES 2014? This is it, the list of new features in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 which gathered from various sources.

1. Favorite Commentators

Usually, Konami always conducted a survey before making the latest version of PES. This survey is the input of the entire gamer about what they want in the latest PES later. From the latest survey held by Konami, shows that Gamers want new commentators, they want their favorite commentators voice in PES 2014.

Some of the commentator's name which appeared in the survey are Mariano Closs, Fernando Niembro, Patricio Yaez and Fernando Solabarriet. Four of them are coming from Argentina and Chile.

It's unknown how much exactly the value of the license they would pay, but seems like two of the four favorite commentators will be in PES 2014.

2. Barycentre and Collision Feature

Konami PES 2014 New Features List

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2014 is being projected by Konami exclusively for the latest gaming consoles generation, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Due to the presence of both new generation and more advanced gaming consoles, there have been some improvements in PES 2014 compared to the previous series, especially from the graphics sector which is said to be increased sharply. 

Another new feature which will applied in PES 2014 is Barycentre Physics. This is a feature that allows the player's motion looks more real. Not only that, the body shape of each player is claimed to be vary.

There is also collision feature, the effects of the collision between the player. The collision effects will be vary, depending on which part of the body that collided. This effect has also been used by FIFA in several versions ago.

3. Photo Realism

Konami PES 2014 New Features List

Photo realism, this is one phrase to describe how PES 2014 graphics detail will be later. PES 2014 will be focused on the quality of the graphics. PES 2014 will use new graphics engine called Fox Engine by Hideo Kojima. This engine also used in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.

The jerseys are made separated from the body of the players. So there is a chance the player jersey will be torn or even stretched if drawn by other players. That means controlling the ball will be three times harder than before. Maybe the trick will be getting more vary or even more difficult.

4. AFC Champions League

Konami PES 2014 New Features List

Konami has just signed an agreement to include the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. Gamers later could try to play with any football team which play in the AFC Champions League level. Players can play one of 32 total teams that will compete in the tournament.

"Getting a license from AFC Champions League is part of an ambitious plan for the series of Pro Evolution Soccer," said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH.

"We hope we can work together with Asian Football Confederation," added Hirano


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