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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Top 5 Free Android Games 2013

Top 5 Best Free Android Games
  ABCNetspace.com Android keeps growing faster every year. Starting from their first Operating System, Cupcake, 'till the latest available version, Jelly Bean, Android always make an improvement. The improvement of android operating system also followed by many invention of new Android Apps.

One of the app categories that is highly used by Android smartphone user is Games. Android games is the most interesting entertainment that can be obtained in Android smartphone. It's already mid of 2013, we are going to look for the best free Android Games in Play Store. Here are best 5 free Android Games according to our survey :

1. Cut the Rope : Time Travels 

Top 5 Free Android Games

   First Cut the Rope series title is "Cut the Rope" itself. The popularity of Cut the Rope already rising when the developer of the game, ZeptoLab release the first series of the game in 2010.

One year after the releasing of the first series, ZeptoLab released the second series called "Cut the Rope : Experiment".  In 2013, they release new series of Cut the Rope, that is "Cut the Rope : Time Travels".

The main character of Cut the Rope : Time Travel is no longer Om Nom, a cute little green frog. But the main character now is Om Nom's ancestors. 

ZeptoLab gives a different looks for the frog character as they call them Om Nom's ancestor. Our objective still the same is to deliver the candy to the green frog by cutting the rope.

Various obstacle that we have to overcome is what makes Cut the Rope become an interesting game. There are six various theme of the obstacle in Cut the Rope : Time Travel, they are Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Stone Age. Here are the video game play of Cut the Rope : Time Travel :

Download Cut the Rope : Time Travel, free on Play Store

2. Angry Birds : Star Wars 

Top 5 Best Free Android Games
  Angry Birds : Star Wars is Android game developed by Rovio. There are already 5 series of Angry Birds including Angry Birds : Star Wars released. Angry Birds : Star Wars already gain 10 million+ downloads.

With their various new characters, Rovio succeeded in gaining the audience attention. Angry Birds : Star Wars is not really different from the previous series, Angry Birds : Space, still in the outer part of the earth, but with different stories and characters. Here is the trailer of Angry Birds : Star Wars  :

Free Download Angry Birds : Space free on Play Store

3. Subway Surfers 
Top 5 Best Free Android Games
  Kiloo's Subway Surfers dominating Play Store by 50 million+ downloads. The game is about a character running in subway and avoiding obstacle. There are many features on Subway Surfers. You can buy and select 22 different characters. 

Buy power ups, and upgrade in shop and doing missions. Kiloo already released 5 edition of Subway Surfer. The last edition is Tokyo edition. Instead of making new app for new edition, Kiloo provide their new edition in an update.

Free Download latest Subway Surfers : Tokyo Edition on Play Store

4. Temple Run 2

  Another Android game which has the same gameplay genre with Subway Surfers, but in whole different landscape. Temple Run 2, developed by Imangi Studios also succeed in attracting many Android smartphone users.

Currently, 170 million smartphone users downloaded the game. This game also has feature of upgrading power, and doing mission. Here is the gameplay trailer of Temple Run 2 :

Free Download Temple Run 2 on Play Store

5. Hardest Game Ever 2
  Unique name, unique game. Orangenose Hardest Game Ever 2 contains mini games that have to be resolved. Features 24 stages, with 4 challenging levels, made this game looks interesting and amusing. Hardest Game Ever 2 has over 1 million downloads and still growing. Wanna test your IQ? Resolve all the mini games on Hardest Game Ever 2.

Download Hardest Game Ever 2, free on Play Store


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