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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ubuntu : How to Fix Package Dependencies Error

How to fix Ubuntu Package Dependencies cannot be resolved
  ABCNetspace.com Hello all, it's been a long time we do not post any updates on this lovely site, now, we come back alive with something new. There will be a new section on ABCNetspace.com, called Ubuntu Section! Yes, we will post any tips and trick about Ubuntu, troubleshooting, and more.

The first post in this new Ubuntu section will be discussing about "Package Dependencies cannot be resolved" Error when you try to install a new application on Ubuntu, for example : Wine, Nitros, etc. This usually happens in Ubuntu 64-bit.

How to fix Ubuntu Package Dependencies cannot be resolved


Why is this happening? Because some of the apps mentioned above only support 32-bit architecture. But I'm running on 64-bit, how can i jump to 32-bit if I already run on 64-bit? Don't worry, Ubuntu is a very customizable Operating System, you can simply add 32-bit architecture into your 64-bit Ubuntu Operating System by typing several commands in the terminal.


Here it is the commands you need to execute in the terminal in order to fix this "Package Dependencies cannot be resolved" Error :

1. Open Ubuntu terminal, Ctrl+Alt+T
2. Type the following command to add 32-bit architecture to your system :

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

3. After you've finished running that command, type this command :
sudo apt-get update

4. Now, reboot your system, and try to install the app.
5. If you're still unable to install the app, do this command :
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Let us know if this method works for you or not, feel free leave any comment below. Thank you.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

How to Take File and Folder Ownership in Windows OS : Easy Steps

How to Take Ownership in Windows OS : Easy Steps
  ABCNetspace.com In the previous post, we already discuss about How to Take Ownership in Windows 8. Take ownership is an authority needed when you want to modify file or folder in your computer. Sometimes we don't know how to take ownership in our computer.

Today, we're going to "rediscuss" about it, but this time is different. There's an "Easy version" step by step how to take ownership we would like to share. With this easy steps you can take ownership not only in Windows 8, but also in any version of Windows OS.

In other words, this easy step by step works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Then, lets take a look how to take ownership of your file or folder in any Windows OS.

How to Take Ownership in Windows OS :
  1. Download the Take Ownership Installer.
  2. Extract the installer.
  3. Click on Install Take Ownership Registry.
  4. Right click on any file or folder you want to take ownership, then choose "Take Ownership".
Now you've succeed in taking ownership of your file or folder. If you have any question to ask, feel free to add a comment below.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Confirmed, The Next Android Version official name : "KitKat"

The Next Android Version official name : "KitKat"
   ABCNetspace.com Google has confirmed that the codename for the next version of Android is "KitKat". This name will be used for Android version 4.4.

The name chosen by Google is little bit interesting, as we know, KitKat is a familiar name, which is actually a chocolate food product made by Nestle.

John Lagerling, Android Partnerships Director, said that the selection of the name, "KitKat", aims to do something "fun and unexpected". He also said that they didn't pay KitKat for name usage.
The Next Android Version official name : "KitKat"
Although hasn't officially launched yet, Google has created a website page for Android KitKat.

Google will develop KitKat as the operating system for smartphone, and tablet devices. There's also possibility that Google will develop KitKat for the smart watches.

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Monday, September 02, 2013

SmartShot, Sony "Mountable Smartphone Camera" official name?

SmartShot, Sony "Mountable Smartphone Camera" official name?
  ABCNetspace.com Sony is rumored will introduce their new invention, "mountable camera lens" for smartphones, soon. This camera lens is in fact a complete camera, including sensors and image processors which will be mounted on the back of the smartphone and connected to the smart devices via wireless.

The latest rumor that appear on the cyberspace is a news from Sony Alpha Rumor that the lens would have "SmartShot" as an official name. The name is probably a combination of the words "Smartphone" and "Cybershot", in Sony digital camera line.

This mountable camera lens will allegedly be available in two types: DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100. The difference lies in the type of lens and sensors.

SmartShot, Sony "Mountable Smartphone Camera" official name?
Sony Mountable Camera                                                                                                                                                            SAR
DSC-QX10 reportedly will carry 18 megapixel sensor, just like Sony WX150, with 10x zoom camera lens. Based on the leaked pictures, DSC-QX10 presumably will also be available in a choice of white color with gold accents on the lens tube.

Meanwhile, the DSC-QX100 is mentioned will have 20.2 megapixel sensor which is similar with Sony premium RX100 Mark II camera,  paired with 3x zoom "Carl Zeiss" lens.

Both DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 will be equipped with anti shock (Optical Image Stabilizer). Other features include WiFi/NFC, micro-SD memory slot, and internal battery.

Sony Mountable Camera                                                                                                                                                            SAR
Another feature mentioned is the settings such as photo zoom, exposure, white balance, and focus can be adjusted from your smartphone. The photos taken from the lens can be stored on the Smartphones and the lens unit simultaneously.

What about the price? DSC-QX10 reportedly would cost about USD $250, while the price of DSC-QX100 will be USD $450. Both of these devices are expected to be officially announced on September 4.

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Sunday, September 01, 2013

LG Ready to Introduce a new 29-inch All-in-One PC, LG V960

LG Ready to Introduce a new 29inch All-in-One PC, LG V960
   ABCNetspace.com Nowadays, LG is better known as a manufacturer of home appliance devices. Even so, it doesn't mean that this South Korean vendor gives less interest in the computer segment.

It's been proved with a news that they're ready to introduce a new flagship All-in-One PC, LG V960, at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany. The main feature of this product is the 29-inch screen with ratio of 21 : 9.

With this screen, you can watch movies proportionally. In addition to introducing the new All-in-One PC, LG will also unveil the latest monitor product line with 21: 9 landscape display ratio.
LG Ready to Introduce a new 29inch All-in-One PC, LG V960
LG V960, All-in-One PC, comes with the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, and Nvidia GeForce GT 640M as the Graphics Processing Unit.

LG V960 supports Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature which allows you to display two-windows view in one screen, allowing you to perform two activities at once.

Completing its presence as an entertainment machine, LG V960 will be equipped with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), HDMI and DisplayPort.

Besides the entertainment convenience, LG V960 All-in-One PC also prepared properly to be the ideal partner to increase the work productivity of the users.

This is done through the availability of the 4-way Split Screen feature that can divide the screen into four windows view in one screen. This feature allows the users to perform several jobs simultaneously.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

How Diamonds are Shaping Technology

How Diamonds are Shaping Technology
   ABCNetspace.com Many industries consider diamonds as integral elements of their operations. Since the last century, diamonds started taking an important role in everyone’s lives when researchers started exploring their unique properties.

One thing that almost everybody knows about diamonds is that they are one of the hardest substances known. Because of this, they can be easily used for special purposes such as grinding, polishing, and cutting many other materials.

They are important for many industries that use them as tools in designing everything from construction materials to other gems. The use of diamonds for industrial purposes is nothing new; since the early 20th century, diamonds have enhanced drills, blades and even phonograph needles.

However, in the most recent decades, researchers have taken a keen interest in exploring the unique properties of these special stones even further. These properties can be found on wpdiamonds.com or other specialized pages analyzing this gemstone.
How Diamonds are Shaping Technology
Diamond-based computers are capable of storing millions of times more information than the traditional silicon-based systems that currently dominate the market.

It hasn’t yet been determined how diamond-based computers will be used, but experts assure that they will lead us to a new age of “super-computers” that will blow away our current technology and leave it obsolete.

Diamonds are very important for research in technology thanks to their excellent thermal conductivity, transparency, high pressure resistance and reliability. Thus, they make excellent materials for chips and processors. Diamonds can help process enormous amounts of information that would melt traditional silicon-based conductors.

Every year, more than half of the mined diamonds are utilized by different industries. The industry demand for diamonds is so high, that it would be impossible to satisfy everyone if it weren’t for synthetic diamonds. Back in 1796, scientists first discovered that carbon was the main composition of diamonds.

However, it wasn’t until the 1950’s when the first synthetic diamonds were created. Nowadays, artificial diamonds are crucial for lots of industries.

How Diamonds are Shaping Technology
Stuart Hughes iPhone 5
Diamonds have been a popular method of “blinging” out mobile devices such as smartphones. Take for example, Stuart Hughes, a longtime designer of aftermarket electronics, has topped recently designed the most expensive smartphone in the world, a $15 million iPhone 5.

However, if you’ve thought that diamonds can only be used as fashion items, you’d better start reconsidering soon. There is a lot of current research that’s aimed at making the most out of the properties of these precious stones to enhance our everyday mobile devices.

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BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iPhone Ready to Launch

BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iPhone Ready to Launch
   ABCNetspace.com We may not have to wait much longer for the presence of BBM on iOS and Android platform. 

This was accidentally informed by Blackberry through the BBM website page transformation into BBM site which is intended for Android and iPhone.

Unfortunately, the transformation of BlackBerry site into BBM for Android and iPhone site didn't last long. Since then, Blackberry reverts the change of their site back to previous appearance.

Even so, it would have been enough to prove that BBM for Android devices and iPhone could actually have been ready and just wait for the right time to launch.
BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iPhone Ready to Launch
But surprisingly, "the transformed BlackBerry website" is only mentioned "BBM for Android and iPhone". Even though it's not clear yet, if it's true, this means iPad and another Apple devices other than iPhone will not support BlackBerry Messenger.

But don't worry tablet users, remember that Android also applied on both smartphone and tablet form factor, meaning that Android tablet devices should have no problem with BBM application support in the future.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

HTC plans to make Android Operating System Alternative

HTC plans to make Android Operating System Alternative
   ABCNetspace.com Smartphone company from Taiwan, HTC, is reportedly considering to create an Android alternative. It's still unclear whether this OS will be built from scratch or based on Android. 

But according to Wall Street Journal, the software developed by HTC will offer integration with China microblogging service, Weibo.

This will help HTC in achieving their goal to attract the interest of mobile users in China. Furthermore, HTC China is allegedly trying to approach the Government to develop local software ecosystem.

Quoted from the Telegraph, this move is believed as the right decision to attract the Chinese Government. Because, the Chinese Government is currently want to reduce the dependence on technology giants such as Google and Apple.

HTC plans to make Android Operating System Alternative
HTC One Mini
In March, the Ministry of Industry said mobile Technologies in China are too dependent on Google's Android. That is why the Government gives full support to Alibaba and Baidu, the internet giant of their country, to make their own OS.

HTC's profit has been decreasing in the past two years. HTC is predicted to gain a big lose on the market share for the first time in history, invaded by Samsung.

On the other hand, their market share in China grew from 2.6% in the first three months of this year, to 6% in the second quarter. Samsung as one of their competitors, led the market with 19.4% on China market share.

The local companies also keep competing with the technology giants. Lenovo, Coolpad, Huawei and ZTE, each has market share between 9.7% to 12.3%. Apple doesn't have a big market share in China. The market share of iPhone is only 3.4% there.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sony at IFA 2013 Confirmed : What will Sony Introduce?

Sony at IFA 2013 Confirmed : What will Sony Introduce?
  ABCNetspace.com Good news, Sony finally confirms that they will held a press conference at IFA 2013 on September 4. They have released an invitation related to the press event.

Unfortunately, unlike Samsung's invitation, Sony didn't give us information about what will be revealed at the upcoming event in the invitation.
Sony IFA 2013 Confirmed : What will Sony Introduce?
It's said that there is a possibility Sony will introduce 20 MP Xperia i1 (Honami). Sony also expected to announce the "portable smartphone camera", which can be mounted to Android and iOS smartphones to improve the camera performance.

Sony IFA 2013 Confirmed : What will Sony Introduce?
Sony Portable Smartphone Camera Concept
What will Sony Introduce? Let's wait for the announcement at IFA 2013 September 4 2013.

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